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Step 1:

open the LOG IN menue and click Sign Up.

Step 2:

Fill out all fields in the registration form and
select a Service. After confirming the reCaptcha
field press Sign Up to complete the SIGN UP.

Step 3:

You must wait until you received the approved
email before you can continue to pay for
creating a new environment.

Step 4:

Log In using the USER-Name and Password
which you entered when signing up then
click to enter your Profile.

Step 5:

In your profile, you can then use PayPal
to pay for creating a new environment
and database.

Step 6:

With the Environment is created email you will
also receive your ALIAS name and password.
You will need this password when signing up
users in your LabelRunner environment.
You can now continue and access your own
Labelrunner environment.

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