Sample Barcode Label Printers:


(Barcode Printers that are compatible with our LabelRunner Application)

The most common barcode printers employ one of two different printing technologies:

1) Direct thermal printers use a printhead to generate heat that causes a chemical reaction in specially designed paper that turns the paper black. Direct thermal printers are generally less expensive, but they produce labels that can become illegible if exposed to heat, direct sunlight, or chemical vapors.
2) Thermal transfer printers also use heat, but instead of reacting the paper, the heat melts a waxy or resin substance on a ribbon that runs over the label or tag material. The heat transfers ink from the ribbon to the paper.

Desktop Printers:

For retail and office environments, desktop barcode printers are most common.

Industrial Printers:

Industrial barcode printers are used in large warehouses and manufacturing facilities. They have large paper capacities, operate faster and have a longer service life.

Ribbon and Labelrolle:

Brands of Barcode Printers:

Bixolon, Zebra and many more...

(Descriptions and graphics with permission of the corresponding printer manufacturers)


BIXOLON SRP-770II was the first 4” label printer developed with the support of Samsung. Proven throughout the label printing market, the SRP-770II can print at 5 Inches per Second (IPS) (127mm/sec) and produce 203dpi high quality text, graphics and barcode print outs.
Print Method: Direct Thermal, Print Width: Up to 104 mm, Print Length; 6 ~ 304 mm


The BIXOLON SLP-T400 is the most comprehensive, cost-effective thermal transfer and direct thermal printer on the market today. Ideal for a wide array of mission critical barcode labelling requirements such as 2D, Maxicode, PDF417, QR Code and Data Matrix applications. The SLP-T400 with 203dpi print quality is ideal for intricate two dimensional barcoding for compliance labelling, small parts tracking or product identification.
Print Width: SLP-T400: Up to 104 mm, SLP-T403: Up to 105.7 mm, Print Length: 6 ~ 1000 mm

Bixolon SLP-TX420/TX423

The compact and robust and easy to use 4” thermal transfer or direct thermal desktop printer with optional WiFi enabling simple, consistent printing from Android tablets and smartphones and other smart devices. Offering high speed label printing up to 178mm/second, and superior print quality of 203dpi enabling high quality barcode printing for a range of requirements such as 2D, Maxicode, PDF 417, QR Code and Data Matrix applications. The SLP-TX420 also offers Autocutter or Peeler options. Offering the All-in-one interface, with Serial, Parallel & USB as standard and optional Serial, USB, Ethernet & WLAN*. The SLP-TX420 is fully compatible with market-leading programming languages such as SLCS, BPL-Z™ and BPL-E™. The SLP-TX420 also boasts BIXOLON label printer intelligence with Smart Media Detection™, the automatic detection of label and receipt media type and BIXOLON Label Artist™, free-of-charge label customisation software.
Print Width: SLP-TX420: Up to 108 mm, SLP-TX423: Up to 105.7 mm, Print Length: 6 ~ 2000 mm

Zebra’s GC420 d/t

GC420d (Direct Thermal) GC420t (Thermal Transfer)
Zebra’s G-Series™ GC420™ printers offer professional printing for any budget. These affordable, easy-to-use printers are ideal for a variety of basic labelling applications. Although value priced, these printers are still engineered for reliability and longevity. Like all G-Series printers, the GC420 has a dual-wall framed construction and all-metal printhead to reduce replacement parts and decrease printer downtime.
Maximum Print Length: 39.0" (991 mm), Maximum Print Width: 4.09" (104 mm)

Zebra’s GX™ Series and ZD500™

Zebra’s G-Series™ GX™ and ZD500™ desktop printers provide the fastest print speeds with the widest range of cutting-edge features and options, including Ethernet and an LCD screen with Wireless or Bluetooth®. Extended media handling capabilities include peel and present, precision cutter for labels, receipts and tags, and linerless labels.
Print width: 4.09”/104 mm
Maximum print speed: ZD500 6”/152 mm per second (300 dpi) and 4”/102 mm per second (203 dpi)

Zebra's Xi4 Series

Industrial Printers
Built for high-volume applications and harsh environments, Zebra's Xi Series label printers deliver superior print quality and reliability. Boost productivity with faster print and connection speeds, and reduce downtime with early warning.
Print speeds: up to 14”/356 mm per second, Max. Label Roll Size: 8”/203 mm O.D. on a 3”/76 mm I.D. core
Easy to Integrate
The included internal ZebraNet® 10/100 Print Server (Ethernet) and secure 802.11b/g wireless connectivity options meet the needs of evolving network environments.