First Steps:


First steps:

1) Enter your personal or Company data into the Master data / Customer application or use the DEMO Customer for testing purposes. Only registered Companies with their own Environment can print Label with a Logo and access the Master data files such as the Customer form.

2) Use the AWB-Label, WH-Label or Text-Label form in the Assignments menu to add a new order or change a existing order. Fill out the complete form and save it before pressing the Print Label button. Label are counted after the PDF file with the printable label has been created. You can not change the AWB-No. after this.

3) In the Label Printing form, enter the piece number of the first and last piece and press submit. Wait until the download PDF screen is showing, then you can print your labels. The more label the system has to generated the longer it takes.

4) For advertising purposes the "Printed by" message will be printed at the end of each label. This message can be canceled after 3 month from the date the full version was created. Just send us a email requesting the cancellation after this period. This is not possible in the demo version.

5) If you have any suggestions on how we can do things better or widen our choice of labels, please write us via email.

Thank you.

AWB Label:

Warehouse Label:

Text Label: